Animated trees with procedural smart materials - trEEVEE

Hi, I would like to share with you some info about my animated trees models I’m working on.

That was quite a challenge for me, to discover and learn how to make very complex materials and animations controlled with drivers.

Models have prepared animations based on displacement modifier that you can control by drivers. There is three levels of animation: wind general, wind leaves, wind side. You are able to control each layer separately with ‘custom properties’ sliders: wind general strength, wind leaves strength, wind site strength. You can find them in the ‘item’ tab on properties panel (N).

Materials are working with EEVEE, CYCLES (also OPTIX).

Trees have prepared smart materials that will help you quickly adjust the trees to your scene. You can play with many properties of the tree, such as:

  • snow amount,

  • moss,

  • dirt/dust,

  • southern dryness,

  • bark,

  • leaves amount,

  • summer autumn transition.

In the near future entire pack will be released as an addon and available to purchase. Current customers will get it as an update. I plan to add new models systemically and to improve and develop new materials.

Animations in the future may be updated with animation nodes. Now they are using “helpers” - objects that helps animating displacement textures.

Please see some images about current state of my work.




Collection contains also tree guards and tree grates.



Additionally pack contains objects - with particles setup:

You can change the alpha in the material settings to hide/show object.

Use it on the roads. In the texture panel you are able to control the area of leaves distribution.

If you have any suggestions for me or you are interested in ordering it, please contact me.
It is already on Blendermarket. Price is 20% because it is still work in progress. All current customers will get all updates in the future free of charge.

Kind Regards,


Nice work so far… looking forward to future developments. :+1:

Thank you :wink:

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