Animating 2D images in a 3D scene in Blender

Hello everyone :), I am a beginer in using Blender.
I would like to know if it is possible to create a 2d animation in a 3d scene in Blender, using cutout 2d images and arranging them in the 3d scene as a multiplane.
I’ve seen 2D photos converted into 3D with extracted elements on different planes with other software applications.Is this possible with Blender?Could you, please, post some tutorials or links!?:confused:

Very much so, in fact I am currently woring on a video tutorial series on this very topic

Colin & Alex Levy have a great video tutorial on this. Check it out here (scroll down to ‘Camera Mapping in Blender’ and click the image). It is a few years old though, so some of the buttons are in different places.

There is also a very similar tutorial (although not video) on the blender Wiki here. It looks to be a bit more recent than the other one.

Have fun!