Animating a 2D Grass Image - Need Recommendations

Hi, I have a 2D grass image mapped to a plane. I have animated it using Soft Bodies. I want to animate a flat 2D painted image (as shown) below.

Question - Using Soft Bodies seems to animate the image more vertically. Is there a better method to allow the grass to sway left to right instead of vertically?

You can use uv distortion technique. To animate your object texture like in this example.

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Hi, the easiest way i will do this will be by using animated shape keys with propositional editing object.
see image:

If your going to animated the mesh, you could use a wave modifier and turn the object (in Edit Mode) 90 deg to the Y in the Z axis. Here is an example:

grass-sway-attempt.blend (973.3 KB)

If you want to save the planet use 2d vectors.

This is working well Thanks. But I cannot get it to loop smoothly.

Any ideas how to “loop” the animation?

I created 40 frames. These are the settings but it jumps when it loops.

Frame 1: Location: 0.000
Frame 20: Location: 0.500
Frame 400: Location: 0.000

Also the animation I will be using this in is 60 frames long. I wanted to make this loop through the 60 frame animation so di I have to make this grass animation 60 frames long as well or can I make it shorter and just have it loop. I hope you understand what I mean.

A more elegant solution with Sin math function.


Grass_Sin.blend (1.5 MB)

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Hi, just saw this sorry. Thank you I will give it a closer look.

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