Animating a kinetic LED Wall

For a customer I need to model and animate a kinetic LED Wall, like you can see in this video on youtube.

Since my job is mostly modeling and rendering stills I simply don’t know where to start on the animation, like for example how could you make one panel or a row of panels dependant of the others so that they move in the same direction with a certain delay.
I really appreciate any hint or idea that could make this work. Thank you guys in advance.


Animation Nodes is probably the easiest way to go, not that that is very easy.

Read this: Yes, I mean most if not all of it, you should look at falloff, conditional expression nodes, etc.

You could do it like this:, that might also work…

Or pay someone else to do it maybe?

Cheers, Clock.

Oh thanks, man. Animation nodes looks very promising. Will take a look into that over the holidays.