Animating a mobiel

I dont know the English word for it but in Dutch its called a mobiel. Does anyone know or has a good solution for making an animation of such a mobiel?

Thanx a lot,

You could rotate the top and bottom in different directions or just at different speeds. If you really want a heart warming animation, put it over a baby crib with a baby sleeping and a lullaby playing. Nice work so far.

  • Floyd

Parent the butterflies to the rod they are attached to (parent the attaching string, as well) then rotate the rod. If both rods rotate in the same direction, you could parent one rod to the other one, and just rotate the top-level parent. In English, it’s called a mobile. Probably pronounced the same way in English and Dutch.

Oh, one more thing: don’t try to get it to rotate more than 180 degrees between key frames, or it might do something you don’t expect (like move backwards or not at all.) Rotate it 60 degrees, say, and use the Curve, Extend mode>>Extrapolation to continue the rotation.

I would make the strings out of paths and give it some thickness.
add>curve>Nurbs circle
paste the name of nurbs-circle in the “BevOb:” in the path. Go to edit mode make a handler on both sides (ctr-H).
Attach one handler on the rod and the other handler on the butterfly or flowers (think parrent would do fine). And then enable physics in the butterfly’s and flowers to give it gravity. If it is rotated you must get a really natural way of movement in the strings and atributes.
Please correct me if this isn’t a right way, but I believe this is the best way.

Yeah, what you said about the rotation of not more than 180 it’s tru. I think it a great disadvantage of blender, and I bumbed to it a few time now. What if you like to rotate something 2 times and like to have a bezier in speed. Do you know if it’s possible to do this on an easy way? Would it be possible to enable extrapolation for a several amount of frames and ad bezier curves or something?

@gnn: what you want to do is pretty simple in the IPO editor. The curve extend simply takes two or more keys and extrapolates. You can still add additional keys and do with them whatever you want, make beziers, slow rotation to a stop, make the rods jiggle up and down in the x or y axis (well, that might be better done with the physics engine…)

Thank you verry much, orinoco!
I’ll remember.