Animating Acharcter with walk cycle while changing location as well

hello, i have areally big problem, to me its big since i am just getting my hands dirty with character animating. my question is how exactly do i animate character walking from point A to point B in a scene. as most of the tutorials only show a walk cycle with a stationary character. i need him to move up on the location just like i see in movies, i dont expect to use straight ahead animating on this…


I notice this has no replies, the simple answer is “Move the Armature’s Root bone” while moving the limbs, but there are no images of your project, there is no blend file for us to look at, etc. All these things would help us to help you, so post more information please and we will look at your project.

Also search for Nathan Vegdahl’s Humane rigging tutorials, they are excellent. You might also look at @DanPro series of videos, again, an excellent source of real information.

Cheers, Clock. :beers:

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If what you’re talking about is what I think it is…

I suspect it’s just something that’s not exactly easy to do. I’ve noticed there are no animation tutorials at all when it comes to transition movements. (At least in my searches.) I figure it’s because it’s fidgety and needs lots of adjustment, since every case is potentially unique. So if you have a character get up and then go to a walk, or step over something, or go from a walk to going up stairs, etc, you’re on your own.

However just a plain walk cycle going at a continuous pace? Then the tutorials on animating that are a dime a dozen.

Other than that, I think Blender has one handy tool for pinning steps down that other software lacks. And that’d be the 3D cursor and its associated snapping. (Saves some guessing.) Use that to position IK feet so they don’t drift after the main body of the character moves forward, etc. Still it’s a lot of busy work, so it requires patience.

Also keep in mind there’s some bounce to steps with a bit of hip or torso movement. Otherwise it could look weird or robotic. Still something I haven’t got figured out myself, but you’ll just have to look at a lot of examples and keep at it.

Thank you Paul , this was more helpful.

If you want your character walking in a straight line, moving the the root bone is the way to go. Make sure that the foot ctrls are animated with linear key interpolation (thats important). If you are happy with your animated walk cycle, measure the distance it takes the foot ctrls to do one step. Mulltyply it by two and you got the exact distance to counteranimate the root bone with linear keys as well. Dont forget to turn on ‘cycle with offset’ modifier for all animated ctrls (including the root bone). If you used linear keys for the foot ctrl’s, there shouldnt be any foot sliding on the floor while the character is moving foreward.

If you dont planed a straight walkcycle and your character has to do some turns, it gets a lot more complicated with that technique. I rather do such things the hard way.