Animating Bones in IPO

Hi there… I’m trying to figure out why you get Quat W, Quat X, Quat Y and Quat Z values in the IPO window instead of just X, Y and Z values when you animate bones. The curves don’t make sense to me, since the values don’t correspond to the values I set keys for in the 3d view.

Any help with this would be great!


Bones uses a different orientation and rotation scheme in order to speed up chain calc etc. don’t try to make sense of the numbers; just use Pose mode, position the bone as you want, and key it. You only edit the curve to change the bezier handle and thus speed with which it rotates.

The LocXYZ are the standard.

Alright… well, then how do correct a bone rotation when I’ve animated it to a certain point (past ninety degrees), but then it rotates the other direction when I scrub in the timeline?