Animating Camera with Accelerometers/Gyroscopes

First off, I’m putting this in Animation and Rigging since I feel like it applies better here, but it might be more at home in Basics and Interface (because ultimately it’s about camera manipulation). If this thread needs moving, move away.

I’ve been looking around for a method to control the camera in Blender in real-time with accelerometers and gyroscopes to record naturalistic camera movements (obviously not very accurate ones but that can be adjusted in post), but the best I could find is half-finished scripts from a few years ago. Is there anything of that nature floating around that works with current Blender (or could be adapted to work)? Ideally it’d use a wiimote with motion+ (since that connects and can stream data straight to the computer through Bluetooth, seems like the lowest-latency option with reasonably solid accuracy) but it might be more widely accessible if it were a smartphone option since I’d imagine more people have android phones than wiimotes.

I’ve been having a rough time learning to script in Blender proper, I don’t even know where to start if I were making this myself (I suppose something like GlovePIE to collect the data and then a python script to interpret it and apply it to the selected object in Blender), so I suppose my question is does something like this exist already? My searches haven’t turned up much of anything useful. If there’s a solution that’s just slightly out of date and just needs touching up I might be able to work with that.

Thanks in advance for any help!