Animating displacement texture

Hey everybody,
I’m not sure if I should post this here or in the support section, since it’s related to some of my projects.

I have recently started learning how to work with displacements and followed this video from Gleb
( )
And I got an idea, what if I animated the texture, so it would move along the object.
I took the basic torus object, created my displacement texture and animated it with UV Warp modifier.
I have this problem though. The movement of the displacement is good, but I get this weird “flickering” of the texture.
And I can’t really use this technique for my project if I don’t solve it.

Can anybody tell me what is causing it, or how to get rid of it?

For the torus object I’m using only UV Warp modifier for animating the texture and Subsurf on top of it for displacement.

Here is my material setup:

And here is the .blend file:

Thanks for any help.

what about render settings? sampling? denoising? motion blur? displacement settings?

couldn’t you just post a file to debug?

Sorry, I forgot to upload it there.

Increase the subdivision of your object. It looks like the displacement is popping when it transitions from vertex to vertex.
alternately, blur your displacement texture. The snap transitions from low displacement to high displacement are hard to compensate for.

How much should I subdivide it?
I tried it both, increasing the subdivision value in the subsurf modifier and subdividing the object itself, but it didn’t make any difference.

Looks like Displacement & Diffuse don’t sync well over the sides…

& even if single color is used, flickering is present on reflections

here’s the file: square_torusS.blend (0.87 mb @ / textures offloaded)

IDK what could be or if it’s a bug… i assume is most likely how displaced geo is made off of ‘bended/subD’ surface

Thanks for this. I’ll try to find something in documentation when I have more time. But I can work with this. If I find the solution, I’ll post it here.