Animating distortions, deformations etc

Hi all you experienced Blender people out there.

I’d like to explore animating random and chaotic mesh distortions and deformations, as if an object is glitching in 3D space.

Any advice on some approaches for this idea?

I’m enjoying using the random transform tools in edit mode to produce some cool chaotic and random deformations but I’d like to do this with animation and keyframes.

I love doing this manually in edit mode, but I want to actually animate this kind of thing:

(if you can’t see it, I’m using subdivide in edit mode, and sliding the fractal number.)

Really interested in how people would proceed.


These Modidiers will get you to glitch heaven,

Order is important in this setup.

Displacement will give great random with noise etc…

I’m salivating already… thanks so much. I’ll give it a glitchy whirl.

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Great! At first I missed the ‘with noise’ comment. But I just used a noise texture, wow - yeah this is the path I’ve been looking for. So I can now use keyframes and slide the amounts?

How do you ‘apply all’ to your modifiers? I can’t see that option. Is that an Add-On?

Ok, so I have a pre subdived cube,

add a noise texture in yr displace modifier…

Yes addon.

Which one?

thats not important for this glitch setup though.

No but it looks useful for applying a stack.

Thanks so much!