Animating / Guitar Model

Hello I’m relatively new to blender and I’m looking for some insights/tips on how to go about animating a model I’ve made. I’m looking to learn how to approach this one so that I can understand how to approach anything like it in the future. I modeled out a guitar and have most of the objects as separate parts. The body is spectate from the neck, the strings are separate, same with the frets and so forth. Basically I want to animate this entire thing to be able to simple deform on an axis with everything staying in the same position on the guitar without separating at every single part. I’m not sure how to do that, and I don’t think grouping, joining, or adding a single empty is the answer but I could be horribly wrong. I’m open to and appreciate anyone’s insights and help. Also I can attach pictures of the mesh or anything else needed to simplify or contextualize my problem. Thanks

By deform on an axis, do you mean a linear scale on say the x axis all scaling outward from a point?

Hello :wave:t2: thanks for your reply!

Basically I want to take the guitar and twist it around an empty on the z axis so that it twists around.

When I wrap say the neck and body using a simple deform along the z axis, then the frets are separated from the guitar neck because they don’t have the simple deform modifier applied to them, as well as the strings and the same goes for every other part.

I hope this answers your question. Thanks again!