Animating hair with rig, not updating

I’m trying to animate hair using a rig with curves and hooks. The animation updates on render time but not in viewport. Is there something to force the update? Even a python call would do for now.
Or even better if there is a way to control the hair animation manually in FK style without using the curve guide field (cos its really difficult to use) that would be great

I rarely use the curves and hooks… but some times the animations in blender will update if you run the animation back to the first frame then run it back to where you were (frame wise)
(I know it’s a pain to do that but… it works often for me)

cheers, tried this but didnt work :frowning:

seems it’s related to physics cache (usage is indicated by color bar filled in timeline)
the cache can be cleared manually via clicking on Free All Bakes button in appropriate
* Cache section in Physics tab

Yes that is for physics. Ive used this a number of times but this isnt physics based. This is curve based. i.e. its using a RIG to animate the hair not physics. So theoretically there is no cache. I’ve read comments of people actually doing this with a curve + hooks but no examples anywhere.

This has now been fixed in the recent release! :slight_smile: