Animating MakeHuman characters on Blender. Any tools or tricks?

Good day everyone!

I’m currently creating a game for my thesis project for college and right now I chose MakeHuman for humanoid characters. I already got the MakeHuman Exchange plugin for Blender and can now animate MakeHuman characters in Blender with no problem and take it to Unity and it goes pretty nice.


But, my problem is, achieving some animations for my cutscenes is fairly difficult for us and take note that we do not own any motion capture devices. Although we can pretty much do it but it will cost us time if we are going to animate humanoid characters by keyframes one at a time.

What we are trying to achieve
We are trying to achieve a GTA like cutscenes and character movements, motions and gestures. We realized that if we are doing it without a tool (if there’s some) probably it will take us almost forever (exaggerated a little bit). Animating with recording/inserting keyframes takes a lot of patience and determination to do it like rotate hands to this, fingers to that, etc. etc.
Main Question
Is there any Blender tool that will help us animate MakeHuman characters the easiest way possible? I’ve been searching across the internet and I couldn’t find anything other than the MHX tools. We are also planning to build a motion capture studio but its not the best solution as we don’t have any budget for that now.

Anyone who can provide links to possibly useful tools, tips, tutorials for us? It will be a huge help for our three man team.

Thank you so much.