animating material properties in 2.73

hi there,

can any one help me?

I am using blender 2.73
I tried to animate the emission property (Strength) of a plane which changes over time…
Though I inserted key frames controlling the strength as I desired, and of course, it is working, I am not able to adjust the timing further as the key frames are not seen as an action in the Dope sheet/action editor window.
I think in the earlier versions any key frames were available in the dope sheet as an action of the specific objects…
Is there any new steps to get it?

thank you in advance…


You can select and move the keyframe points in the Graph Editor, even keying in values like g x 10 to move points ten frames along. I don’t know about the Dope Sheet - I always use the Graph Editor.

Cheers. Clock.

I had the same issue yesterday. After lots of switching back and forth between Action/Graph and Dope, and scrubbing within the Action editor, it did eventually show up sometimes. I think there’s a Blender bug to be dealt with there, but haven’t had time to check into it further… Keep us posted.