animating particle systems.

(Tullisti) #1


I wanted to create an animation of a bullet, with some smoke trails comming off the back end of the bullet.

I modelled the bullet, and i have it moving along a path. i parented the camera to the pathj as well, and offset it a little, so you can see the bullet from the camera.

then i added a mesh circle, and made that as the particle emitter. however, when i parented that to the path, the mesh moved, but the particles kept on appearing from where the emitter was in frame 1.

any ideas? is there an easy work-around to this?

(S68) #2

I know parenting an emitter can lead to these problems. I had it when parenting emitters to armatures, so it might be same problem.

You have to move ve emitter via IPOs and not via a PATH.

If it is a bullet it should go fairli straight, so it should be easy enought.

Unparent the emitter.

Set Key positions of the emitter in right palces.



(Jamesk) #3

Just press the ‘recalc all’ button in your particle settings, and everything should be working as desired.

(Tullisti) #4

thanks, it works fine now. :stuck_out_tongue: