animating PARTS of one object

So is it possible to take one complete object and make it so a searton part of it animates? for example i have a fan and its all one object but what i want to do is have it so the prop on it spins with an animation leaving the rest of the object normal not effected. is this possible in anyway? its for a game im making and right now i have it so the prop is a separate piece but i need both pieces of the fan the prop and stand to be added to the scene or level at the same time and in the same position attached to each other but that isn’t working so that’s why i posted this. any ideas?

Not sure why you need just one piece, you can animate the fan and if you need to add all the other parts to a scene you can do that easily with the edit object actuator. Not sure if I am misunderstanding you.Post a small blend if you need to


If you want to keep them as one object you could just assign the faces of the fan prop to a vertex group and use a bone to animate the spinning prop.

You can also keep them separate if you parent the propeller to the fan body and add both to a group. Use logic to spin the propeller. Then just link the group to your game scene (keep the fan group in another scene or another file)

Thanks guys for the help cant believe i didnt think of using armature for the prop as a way to do it whole well ill try it out thanks!