Animating Procedural textures - help!

(Dani) #1

Hi everybody!

I’ve been looking around for some time already, but haven’t found a way to animate a procedural texture… they remain fixed… I know how to use the offset and all that, But it’s the pattern it’s self I’d like to animate. Like make T-Clouds evolve…

Has anyone managed to do this?


(endi) #2

Use an Empty object to texture coordinates, and move/scale/rotate the Empty!

(Dani) #3

Thanks, but does this make the pattern change?

let’s say i use the stucci texture to create some cheap wavy thingy (stucci on plane), i would like the generated pattern to not only move scale up, down all around and yahoo!!! i want the waves to flatten, a wave to merge with the one next to it to grow again… see what I mean, animated noise…


(haunt_house) #4

I think, the only way to do this is an animated texture. Though I do not know which program can create a seamless texture video.

But if you use a procedural 3d texture, moving the empty will surely create fluid movement, since what you see is the result of a crosssecton


(Dani) #5

Thanks both of you!

I’ll give it a try, (costs me nothing after all : ) )


(haunt_house) #6

Thanks for the idea, Dani…


I knew about the 3d-textures…
I knew about animation-keys
I knew about objects as texture coordinates…

Seems it didn´t connect until now. Very nice effects.

Is there any plugin that can create repeating three-dimensional patterns? It is almost impossible to create loops with the normal procedural textures.


(theeth) #7

If you animate the OffZ of a texture (like the procedural Clouds, Wood, … or some of the texture plugins that acts like normal procedural) the pattern will evolve as the faces move through the texture space.


(Dani) #8

Great! I actually hadn’t understood the pattern was generated by some thing like intersection between the “texture space” and the faces… should have though since i’ve been fiddleling around trying to make “volumetric” gas or stuff like that with hundreds of planes piled up and procedural textures… anyway thanxs.


(Torque) #9

Try this for Seamless Animated Textures and Particle Animations

It`s really good. 8)