Animating render nodes

I might have missed this somewhere, but I’ve searched around in Blender for quite a while now as well as on these forums, and haven’t been able to find any information regarding this.

Is it possible to animate render nodes? For example, I have a text object on the screen, and in my nodes I apply a Directional Blur to the image. Is it possible to animate, or change, the various values, such as Distance, Angle, Zoom, etc. over an amount of frames?


I don’t think its possible with IPO’s but maybe with scripting?

I would be extremely surprised to find that there were not IPOs controlling this… Be sure that you check all of the various sets of IPOs that exist.

If there aren’t IPOs, and/or enough of them, then I would call it a pretty darned serious oversight that needs to be fixed.

I looked through all lists of IPOs, but couldn’t find anything. In addition, pressing ‘I’ on a selected node doesn’t do anything.

According to Ton “everything” in 2.50 will be editable. If it is not able to be done now. I would wait till 2.50 comes out. Not sure when it is coming out but it won’t be too long… Early next yr if I had to guess…

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