Animating smoke source

Am playing with the smoke simulator. My goal was to animate the location of the smoke emitter over time. My plan was to make a domain object (cube) for my smoke. I then added a disk and set it to smoke flow. All was good. I then parented the smoke/flow disk to the domain/cube and set key frames at the start and end of my animation for the domain being in different positions. My hope was that the smoke would continue to be emitted from the flow but the position of the smoke would then vary over time as both the domain and flow moved. Unfortunately, the smoke continues to appear from where the domain/flow would have been in frame 1 and the new position of the smoke parts over time seems to be ignored. Has anyone found a workflow for animating smoke sources over time?


I am currently in the extended process of rendering just such an animation, and was having the same issues… First, im not sure if this is a bug or not, but you have to parent the smoke emitter to the moving object first THEN create the particle system. finally, be sure to bake your dynamics and not just play the animation (Alt-A). I don’t know why blender is so picky about the order of operations, but that was the only way I could get the sim to work.

Thank you my friend. I will give your recipe a try and report back.


Moving domains are not supported right now. So you need to make you domain bigger and just animate the flow object.