Animating texture mapping wont work

Im trying to animate a texture by changing the value of the mapping node. Ive added keyframes so the value changes from 0-10 over 100 frames but nothing happens, it just stays at the value i last manually changed it to but i can see the number change.
i know i have done this before but i cant figure out whats wrong T_T

help please:)

blend flie please :)?
screen grabs please :)?

Blendfile is too big, took some screens that shows my setup

Is the river UV unwrapped?
Here’s a few pages that migh point you in the right direction:

And next time upload the images separately, instead of one large one. And show the meaningful information, so it’s easier to read. It’s impossible to read what’s going on in those nodes.

Meh, i used the noise texture and it worked. i guess it just doesnt work for image textures :frowning: