Animating Texture

Good evening everyone,

as im working on cartoons and try to model/rig/animate them in Blender, i’d like to know, if it’s possible to create a moving Texture. Actually i’m using Adobe Premiere to move a Background image from the left to the right, but as i’m better in Blender than in Premiere, ive got to ask :slight_smile:

the basic idea is like the following video’s first seconds:

so i got an image, which should move from the left to the right at a given speed, BUT the image part, that’s outside the plane, should be repeating on the other side. Im using Cycles Render in Blender 2.69

well, i hope you understand what i mean,
English is just my second language :stuck_out_tongue:

found a working solution:
Animating UV Textures | BlenderNation