Animating Textures in BGE

I am trying to animate a 3d model of a head for my father’s research presentation. I’ve modeled the head and created a few different test textures (I just wanted to see if I could get everything working before I spent time making them look good) to highlight different regions of the head (Red=Frontal,Green=Around the Eye, etc). The rendered pictures are shown below. However, I cannot figure out how to have the different textures appear and disappear in the BGE based on user input. Essentially I want to have the Frontal texture appear after a left click and then have it disappear and the Around the Eye texture appear when the left mouse button is clicked again. Can anyone help me out with a way in which I can do this?

Also, there are no licensing issues involved with using this in my dad’s presentation are there?



Licence? I do not think there is a problem.

To work with textures, have a look at the videotexture module. I think that is what you need (Python only).

If you need this to highlight something I see other solutions:

If you split the head into multiple parts you can do a lot of things just with IPOs.
So you can make the highlighted part hover, or glow, or transparent, or whatever.
You can even replace it with other meshs, or add something like halo objects around it.

I hope it helps

I am still in the process of learning python. At this point, I don’t feel comfortable enough to attempt that solution.

Yeah, really I just want to highlight regions. Making regions glow sounds like what I want. If I split up the mesh, though, will this make my subsurf look wierd? I don’t want the outside edges of the pieces to curve away from each other.

Would duplicating faces, separating them, scaling them in a bit, and then making the head slightly transparent work?

If I understand correctly all you want is to highlight some regions. I think textures, while certainly feasible, are not the right tool if you need to do this quickly. Duplicate your mesh. Select the regions you need and delete the rest. Move the mesh towards the camera a tiny bit or scale it up slightly to prevent z-fighting. Seperate the regions into individual objects. Assign them materials with bright colors, one for each region. Show/hide objects based on input. You can try animating their transparency for a more pleasing effect. Done. Sure, you can do it with textures, but this is easier.

Great. Thanks. That sounds much simpler