Animating textures using Object co-ordinates.

If I apply a texture to a surface, and then use the Object button instead of Orco, for texture mapping, in this case an Empty, can I animate the Empty to move the texture on the surface, with the surface held in a stationary position?

I have tried but only seem to get wierd results with the texture not resembling it’s original state and will not move either.

Any one found if this can be done?

Thanks in advance.


I think I did this once maybe. Half awake so excuse my vagueness. Anyway try setting up an ipo and rotating the empty, making sure you don’t change the size as this will effect the size of the texture changing it.

Another way is to use the offset of the texture. In the material buttons offset x and/or offset y place your cursor on the lower half of the screen and press I then choose offset. Advance your frames, change the offset press I choose offset Actually the buttons say ofs. This will cause your texture to move along the x or y axis over time. Hope one of these helps.