Animating UVs

So, how do you set keyframes for vertexes’ UV coordinates? I tried selecting the UVs and inserting mesh keyframes, but that didnt seem to work. Are there any tutorials that cover this?

I’ve been using Maya for years, but I don’t really know anything about Blender

Do you mean that you want to animate uv in the uv editor?
Not sure it s possible. if it is you learn me something. and i dont remember maya allow it neither.
you can still use projection instead

It’s possible in Maya 2008-- you just select the UVs and hit the “set keyframe” key.

Unfortunately, using a projection isn’t really possible-- I’m actually trying to get a model I made in Maya with a scrolling texture into a Fallout 3 mod. The Maya .nif plugin doesn’t export animations, so I figured I could just import the model into Blender via an obj file, remake the scrolling animation, and then use the Blender .nif script to export the animation. If animating UVs isn’t possible in Blender, I’ll have to figure out something else.

well you can animate texture, put your texture on a plane film it in an image sequence and put the image sequence as a texture.

Thanks, but that’s also not really an option- the model in question is this:

I’m need to animate the marquee, so for it to be readable, an image sequence would have to consist of several hundred 600kb dds files.

could you tell me how is it animated? is it a scroling aroud the building of th same text or did the text change?

The text just scrolls slowly around the building. The marquee UV map basically just needs to do this:

-over about 600 frames.

ah ok, so you can do that.
the only thing you got to do is to key the ofs x y or z in the map input panel(when in the button panel use the I key). you will find the ipo curve under material .