Animating while sculpting using keyframes

The only way to animate a mesh in blender is using the shape keys(As far as I know)… Is there a way to be on a keyframe, sculpt the mesh, hop on to another keyframe, sculpt again…and keep going, and blender automatically animates the mesh deforming from one keyframe to another??

So you don’t wanna use any hook, lattice or even armature modifier??? Shape keys are more to make some changes in detail for example smile, frown or correcting deformation… AFAIK

Try Pepeland keymesh addon, it should do exactly what you’re asking for.
Although I don’t suggest this workflow cause it could be a pain (working with lattices is plenty for my purposes).
Try it and see if it could be a right fit for yours :slight_smile:

Keymesh is built into Blender now. You might check out . It’s not something I’m very familiar with (there’s no benefit to it for me.)

Can you give me a tutorial link on YouTube to where I could get good using lattices like you do?.. I don’t even know as to oh what that entails as far as using lattices by the way… I like to advance my skills with beyond key mesh if that’s what you suggest

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Absolutely there’s a always a lot to learn with Blender, but it’s definetly worth the time :slight_smile:
this is a cool tutorial but on you tube you can definetly find everything you’re looking for :slight_smile:

have fun :slight_smile:

it says that the video isn’t avaible, the tutorial i linked was the one from theCgessentials :slight_smile:

Thank you so much I’ll check it out right now!:slightly_smiling_face: