Animatiom short movie fanmade [looking for 3d generalist]

Hello there ! :eyebrowlift:

My name is Julien, Im French and graphic designer. I started alone last week some preset and idea for a futur animation fanmade.

This fanmade will be on Mario universe !

Title : Toad gardening !

Synopsis : In the mushroom kingdom, toad is leaving in peace with his house, loving taking rest and gardening. But today something happen in the garden. Carnivor plant appears and start to eat all flowers arround. One solution… using canon bill blaster for kill them all. Hope Toad know how to use that engine ! :confused:

Animation length : 1 or 2 min maximum
Style : Cartoon
Project deadline : 1month / End of may
Purpose : Portfolio and improve 3d skill

If your are interest in this project you can leave a message here or mp. Im looking for generalist 3d artist can modeling texture and animate easy things.
Of course the length / synopsys and all things can change and evolved.

Julien :smiley:

I 'm not a professional designer, but 3d modeler is one of my hobby, I’m interested in your proyect, I want help you with my knowledge, and I want learn with your proyect.


Hi, contact me by mail at [email protected]