Animation and follow path Bug

So I’ve been trying to get my animation to follow a path, so far I have failed miserably. All because when I set my animation to follow said path either through bone constraint or through Ctrl + P -> Follow path; The animation either gets stretched laterally and looks like its 2D in addition to flying all around the place. And the bone constraint version puts it some 50 meters below the path.

NOTE: I have already checked the origin of my armature and its in the center of my armature. Any advice? Thanks for all the help in advance.

Any advice?
Don’t make us have to use guesswork or have to track down your address and break in during the night while you are asleep and get the information from your computer.

Why have you not supplied a demo .blend file for review. This is mandatory for ALL support questions !

First post ever, so I know how frustrated you probably are with learning Blender.

There are certain steps that need to be followed, depending on what you are trying to attach to the path and how it’s been configured previously. As Richard pointed out, you didn’t give us enough information to really help you much.

There is no bug in Blender that’s causing you those problems. Take a new file and experiment with using the Follow Path constraint in a simpler set-up so that you can get to understand how it works.

You might just have to move your object back to where you want it after attaching it to the path. Or it may be a larger issue that has to do with the object itself.

Post your blend file for more help.

Make sure transforms are applied (ctrl+a)

Thank you hadriscus, That’s what was wrong, no idea how I missed that.

I forgot to add the .blend because the .blend is such a mess right now, but I will remember next time I post. I am actually nearing something like 6 months using blender now. I can model and rig fine but as always, there is always something else to learn.

Will put the .blend next time I post, in a new file so its nice and clean so people can see. Thanks for the help!

-All the best!

Thank yo for the advice, it gets a bit tedious but it gets the job done! At least I can get rigs to move along an animated path without stretching/ distorting the character.

I also didnt know I needed to post the .blend. As it was and is late right now. For now im marking this as solved. Thank you all for the help!