Animation and local movement 🤨

“PHYSICS” all students problem , game developers as well , in my third person template i was adding a lot of animations ! Up to 22 separate animation ! And i am using UPBGE 2.4 , so :kissing::kissing:…yeah facing glitches :pensive: , currently i have a glitch that came from no place , before i say i want to show some info :-

● Using bounding box to move around (physics type set to dynamic)
● armature with 22 animations
● no python used
● animations only play when the bounding box is colliding with the ground

Now the problem is : when i press “S” + “D” (to move backward right) the armature feets go through the ground , i am sure i didn’t have this glitch until i used a bounding box to move

is this because of dynamic physics ??
or reimporting the animation can fix it ??? :thinking::thinking:

I hope my English is good and understandable :joy:

It’s normal.

the box is your collision, armature and mesh are no collision. So if the legs for example get out of the box then it can stick trough the floor/walls. Completely normal, even AAA games got that issue.

To fix it you can do a few things:

  • animate it in a way so that everything stays within the box
  • make the box bigger
  • give every bone a hitbox, with compound collision, and animate it with perfect timings to get “real” collision bounds.This option would be the best, but because you are to inexperienced i would not try to go for this one. (so you are basically building an inactive rag-doll)
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I apologise :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Me = dummy :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Blender creators , i really apologise it’s not a glitch , i was looking in the actuators and i saw this

that will push it trough indeed, on dynamic box use force or velocity (with L behind it clicked) to move it around

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