Animation and Rig problem.

I have just started work on my animation, and now, i see there is a problem with the mesh. There’s not enough polygons in the shoulder areas, so any arm stretching causes the texture to look like melting ice cream. Or simply put, when the rig is posed, the texture gets all skewed like its melting. I have already done a few animations that i really like and hope i don’ have to do them over again.

my question is, I am thinking of reworking the mesh so that it deforms better. If i Re-parent the new and improved mesh to the already animated Rig, how will this affect my animation.

If i delete the old mesh in the first frame of my animation, does it disappear in the rest of the animation?

If i re-parent the new mesh in the first frame of the animation will it appear in all the other frames in the animation?

Thanks in advance!

if you delete the old mesh, it’s gone for good. there should be no problem parenting the new mesh to the already animated armature.

Thanks Modron!!!