Animation behind schedule

Hi, I’m doing an animation for college for a friend of mine using 2.49b

I’ve got all the models made and two scene maps made, scene 1 is almost fully animated but I have two scenes left to do and only one month to do them…

the hard work is done, I just need animation progress which is tedious at this point.

I’m considering opening the project to more people but I am restricted to put too many names on the project especially seeing as I can’t even put my own name on it cause it’s for a friend’s bachelor.

I’m worried I wont have enough time, anyone care to help? depending on how much progress I make by wednesday the project will be open to more people or not.


How well storyboarded are you and how much action is there? Storyboards are the key to quickness – especially in action scenes. Use the camera as your friend. close up on what is important, then you only have to animate that. Use full body shots sparingly. How long are the scenes? A lot can be done in that much time

we have the key scenes drawn out the entire storyboard is done and memorized, there is a lot of action in the first scene which is probably why it’s taking so long.

the scenes are around 1.6 mins, at a frame rate of 12 fps, so about maybe 1200-1800 frames per scene.

thanks for the no full body shots advice, I’ve been animating everything so far.

also, I have no sound recorded for it yet, I’ve actually never applied a soundstream to an animation in blender before, how do I do it? I know how to record myself to an audio file. but how do I put that audio file in the scene? so it plays with the frames and outputs on the .avi etc.? (2.49b)

Update: Names can go on the animation once my friend has the certificate in her hand.

Progress report:

sunday: I made one character eat the last of the fruit and made the other character fly up to try and block him from getting any more.

monday: Wow lots of work done, I might finish scene1 tomorrow, the fat character ate two trees today, that means all the eating is done in the animation, all thats left now for scene1 is the main characters body language and face expressions in reaction to the trees being eaten. and of coarse the main charater has to get hit on the head by a tree branch. then I have to catch the camera up and make both characters exit the scene… I also must add more trees before rendering at the moment I left them out to save memory while working. picture of progress below.

Tuesday: not much work at all done today, and lost internet

Wednesday: finished the character animations of scene 1!!!, all thats left is the camera and adding more trees.

Thursday: I began working on the camera frames, I might finish them today. finished.

friday: nothing

saturday: adding more trees to scene and begining on scene 2

To add sound – look at this tutorial:

about 5 minutes in he adds a sound file and goes through lip syncing.

To render the final with sound:

Sorry about dumping tutorials at you, but it would take a long time to describe

do you have text tutorials? sadly I’m in china and china blocks these videos for some reason.


scene 1 rendering.

scene 2 done.

scene 2 flopped, I couldn’t render it not even renderfarms could handle it…

scene 3 never got finished, I stretched scene one to an adequate time length.