animation bug

First i have to say that i found blender really nice for animation. rigging can be easy. And with a good organisation animation can be done easily.
Here is the bug, well i found it is a bug but may be not. When you turn auto key frame and get a bone select if you rotate the view it add a key to the bone. As i m always moving around my character so as to check the pose i end up with a lot of key. A normal behavior for me would be that it add a key only when moving the bone.
If you think it is let me know i will report it

Could you upload a file in which you are having such troubles? Also, what options are you using on the auto-keyframing?


if you don t i can repost it?

Hmm… I can’t seem to replicate this behaviour in current svn. Can anybody else confirm this? If so, what settings were turned on?


create a bone go, in pose mode. turn on auto key put a key at frame one and another at let s say ten. scrub at key five. and turn around your select bone. it will add a key a frame 5.
But you push me to try something so here is my result. i use to turn on around selection and it seems that its where is the bug.

Ahh… now you’re talking!

I’ve just fixed this in SVN. Thanks for finding this :slight_smile:


i love hunting bug :evilgrin: