Animation Challenge #1 Entries CLOSED

Animation Challenge #1

Welcome! Since this is the very first contest, I’ll provide the “seed” to start us off. For this challenge, it’s a theme, though, in the future, the seed can be a sound file, an image, or, possibly, a rigged model. The rules are here:

Anyway, the theme is:


Blending ends Thurs., Sept. 30, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time (US). Go nuts!

I’m so in on this one.



[edit] OOOOKAAAY! People, Palce your bets, Blue or Orange?


does it have to be exactly 10 seconds long, or did you mean less than 10 seconds, 10 seconds being the limit time of the animation?

by the way I’m In.

10 seconds exactly; 300 frames at 30 frames per second.

If it turns out to be too stringent a rule, we’ll evaluate it for the next challenge, but I think, for now, it helps keep everyone on a level playing field.

Good luck to all!

i think i might get time but i dont know how to make animations well. What do i save them under if i want to post it on mudpuddle? AVI file

Don’t worry if you can’t make animations well–learning how make them is why we’re doing this! Feel free to use the stock models, too, if you don’t want to build your own rigged model. Check out the links here:

Saving as AVI Jpeg at about 85% quality should do the trick to keep the file under 4 mb. As for posting on mudpuddle, I honestly don’t know. Depending on what system you have, there are tools that can help you convert your file to AVI Divx, which is significantly smaller and might help you post it. Let us know what you’ve got and I’m sure there are MANY folks who will be happy to help you. Plus, it will help us build a FAQ for future challenges.

Also, MacBlender has offered help with space and mailboxes to folks who need it, so get in touch with him, too.

i must do!


I’m there!

Modron just finish up your pig vs guy animation =)

Hold-placer… I mean place-holder.

My 1st 3 seconds are roughed out HERE

Kung-fu-karate-chop-tastic, but damn this is hard work

i can’t rush the pigboy anim, but i will be using at least the kung fu guy character. :slight_smile: maybe pigboy too.

I’ll give it a try. I’ve been waiting so long for this . . .

Yay coolmovesholder

Just a couple of reminders as people get going.

You may use any of your own old or original models, or any of the stock rigged models that MacBlender hosts here:

Also, if you have any models you would like to contribute to the community, or if you want to give back improvements to existing stock models, donations are encouraged!

Do remember the we’ll ask voters to judge entries on animation skill as opposed to modelling skill, so don’t sweat the models more than you feel you need to get the job done.

Have fun and best of luck!

Just found out that I won’t be free this w/e so this will be a rush.
Anyway, I have a rough concept in mind and I’ve edited the stock character to fit the theme. Let’s get keyframing…

just call it a warmup round :wink:

EDIT— Have to withdraw due to other projects.



…just so you can see how bad I am. :wink:

I think I’ll try something

I think I’m gonna teach flippyneck a karate kata for his yellow belt.