Animation Challenge #23 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Fuzzy and Little

Pure Entries

Ammusionist [list:721c53e215]
Small n Fluffy



Okay, a couple of GREAT entries this time around. Really solid stuff.

My only objection–can we get more entries? Anyone have suggestions on how to pull more people in?

well if there was a better topic then i might enter

Fair enough and worth keeping in mind for future winners–be sure to pick topics people will want to try. Just the same, we’ve had some pretty great topics in the past that haven’t gotten much attention.

Anyone else have additional suggestions?

For me, I don’t think it is a topic issue, but more of a “I can’t get what’s in my mind, onto the screen” issue.

Then deadline hits, and I’m nowhere near complete.

BTW - This weeks entrants are both very good. I can’t decide yet which one to vote for.

Draco’s got a good point there. I was still cutting mine together and adding sound effects right up to deadline even after a week of sleeplessness.

If they run too long, however, even less people are inclined to take part.

I notice the latest single image challenge already has 6 or 7 placeholders.

I’d love to know how the anim challenge can draw some entries!

Hmm - Have an idea, but it belongs in the general discussion, not here!

haker’s had better modelling and animation but Ammusionist’s was really cool! i really liked the idea so…im voting for Ammusionist

Who’s widdle fwuffy guy is the big winner?
Ammusionist 38% 38% [ 7 ]
Haker 61% 61% [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 18

Congrats to Haker! Both entries were excellent. Let’s see a great new topic to work on over the Turkey Day break (for us yanks).

I’d love to enter a challenge but I’ve never even looked at particles so this one was definitely out.

Also, the animation forum seems to have almost died lately so I assume (hope) people are busy sorting out the new alpha. I’ve got armature issues I can’t get sorted but hopefully I’ll be able to join in one day.

One thought, short challenges occasionally (like the 10 second club).

Back on topic:

“Let Fluffy Out!” Classic :slight_smile:

Didn’t see Haker’s entry (Putfile :frowning: ) but the still looks good.

In general, past entries have been around 10 seconds. We used to enforce that, but we changed the rules so that entries could be as long as the artists wanted them to be–this past challenge featured a couple of longer ones. Just the same, 10-second entries are completely okay, especially if they’re good ;).


Another thought–the big impetus for running this challenge is to get people to try out animations and get stuck. The more of us who experiment with new features–and fail–the more we can expand the community’s knowledge of how to solve these problems in the future.

The point being, don’t worry about trying a new feature and messing it up–the more requests for help someone posts, the more we all learn from it. Feel free to submit whatever you come up with, even if it’s not perfect. We’re all noobs when it comes to the latest alpha features.

New AC up now:

Topic is “Odd Jobs”