Animation Challenge #33 Entries CLOSED

The theme of this Animation Challenge is:

Now That’s What I Call…MAGIC!

The rules are here. Keep an eye on the file size and time limit!

Contest ends Monday, May 8th, 2006, at 9 p.m. Eastern U.S. time (Tuesday, May 9th, 1 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time):

You can find stock models here: (sketchy’s Ludwig)

You can find free music (Creative Commons cc-by-sa-nc) at magnatune:

And you can find free sound effects (CC Sampling Plus license) at the freesound project:

If you need server space to post animations, try these hosts:

Remember, Keep It Simple! You can’t count on magic to make your movie for you!

Also please post a frame grab for your animation. This will help keep voting straight and make sure all the votes go to the right place.

Here’s my entry for this week.

Its yet another Bank Holiday here this week-end so I shan’t get any more time for tweaking.

One day I will have the time and learn how to add some sound!

This one stars Sketchy’s Ludwig again.

(where would I be without Sketchy or LGM - thanks you guys!)

 "Marvo's Magic Hat"

(xVid 0.4mB)

Hmm, still only one entry. Is anyone else working on one? If so, I can extend the contest.

Yeah, Im working on one. You dont have to use the stock models right?
GIve me a week or so! If you cant, thanks anyway! Peace out!

Using the stock model is absolutely not required, though it can help. Since we’re all about animating, versus modelling, there’s no extra points for a really well modelled object if it doesn’t play well.

As for an extra week…hmm…okay. Next Monday (May 8th) at 9 p.m. is the new deadline. No disrespect to McSmiffy for getting an entry in on time (in fact, much applause to him), but the contests are no fun without, well, contestants. McS, please feel free to expand on what you’ve submitted already, if you like.

Ooooh. This means that I might have enough done on The Magicman to submit it.

He wasn’t created for this Challenge, but I think [if I finish] he’d be a nice addition. And he’s friendly, too.

Thanks for the extension!

Oh… and just thought I’d mention it… McSmiffy’s animation is quite good and he should definitely be applauded for being on time.

Here’s my submission: Magicman in “Coin Trick”

There’s also a high-resolution version in Finished Projects.

And a framegrab should be attached to this message


So, the ‘magic’ part of this animation is Blender itself. I used a movie file I found after searching the web for the dust and road, an animated horse from the free downloads, and then created an animation of “Ludwig” with a costume and hair-do of my creation, along with the shadow plane. Then used Blender’s sequence editor to put them togehter.

NM, Virus killed my comp, thanks for extending! all my files were deleted
|( thanks anyway…