Animation Challenge #48 Voting CLOSED

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in getting this up.

Voting for this round will finish next Thursday. The new round will then start on the Saturday afterwards.


  • Animwannab

With motion blur, no Ray tracing:…bAC48NoRay.avi

No motion blur, but with Ray tracing:
**** Just added a verion with ray tracing but no motion blur… I’m thinking the ray traced version looks better? That’s the one I’d like to use for voting if this goes to voting. Anim

I would like to introduce “Frank” with this animation challenge. I call him Frank because until I made a few adjustments he had a very small mouth and NO LIPS! My wife said that he reminded her of Frank Burns from MAS*H for those of you that remember that classic.

  • McSmiffy

With an audio clip like this weeks I thought I go for a photorealistic
historically correct recreation of a Saturn 5 launch from 1968…

            .....but then again maybe not. 

(2.1mb XVid)

  • RANKN67

ok hers my submitions, its not the pretties, the best, or one of the greatest, but one thing it is, is the worste. some of you may click on this thinking that therse a slim chance it might not be that bad, but im tleling u now, u will be just kidding urself, so, enjoy if u can find a way to, and thanks for watching
here she is

  • hunter551

I’ve just done mine tonight, don’t expect anthing great.

Here is a version on youtube for those that can’t play wmv’s:

*Edit: I’ve re-encoded it:

My vote this week goes to Animwannab.

I thought the story idea was good and there are alot of nice touches -

…the speaker, the springy chair and the lights going off at the end.

  • good job.

And my vote goes to Mr. McSmiffy himself! Very funny short McSmiffy. I’m glad our real life techies aren’t so bored at mission control… especially right before a launch! We would have LOTS of egg on our face I’m sure!
Enjoyed it… good job y’self. :yes:

Hi all,

Well, I guess it’s now time to close this poll.

Congrats McSmiffy!

Depending on when McSmiffy sends me the next soundfile up, I’ll post the new challenge.

Well-done to all competitors this round, and I hope you’ll take part again next round.