animation codecs???

hi there ,
I’ve been working on an animation and found codec choosing kinda hard decision
i’ve been always working with avi jpeg but it’s not good at all
lately i tried mpeg and h 264 at mp4 format and it was great except that any video i produce with them begin with a very low quality then it goes well
why is that happening and how can i avoid it? why can’t i produce animation with bitrate higher than 9000?
is there a better format to use???
my pc is core2duo e8400 , lame Nvidia 8400 card , 2 GB RAM

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Use H.264 lossless!

that’s what i just said , i used h.264 format and it gave me a low quality start then it goes higher in a moment and animation won’t render with bitrate higher than 9000
and if you mean to use h264 in encoding presets , that one won’t render at all

There is a hard coded maximum bitrate. If you need higher just render out to a lossless format and use one of the multitude of other external encoders.

uhm, i don’t know if i can’t explain it but what i’m trying to say that even lossless codecs like h.264 gives me a start of very low quality for a moment then it’s ok , that’s the problem
and thanks Richard that’s a good solution for bitrate

If you need uncompressed animation you could always use image sequences over any of the container formats.

When I absolutely cannot work with image sequences I use either “Lagarith” or “HuffYuv”. But you might as well use uncompressed video as the difference only pays off when you have a long animation.

well , that just worked unexpectedly fine :slight_smile:
i didn’t know producing individual images then combining it with lossless format in sequencer would make a difference , Lol
Thanks alot

I usually render image sequences in png format, then do my video editing in Blender’s VSE and render to an uncompressed avi. Once I check that the final avi is OK, I use Handbrake to encode it with h264 at high bitrate. The encoding is really fast and the final result is usually pretty good.

Please Note: The default settings for h2.64 in Blender are the lowest resolution! Go in and adjust all the sliders up to their max and it seems to look pretty good with about 90% compression. Frankly, I have no idea how the default settings are useful for any possible render.

Also note that the default image settings settings for .png format are RGB so to save your alpha channel you must click on RGBA every time you render as it automatically switches back to RGB all on its own!

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Thanks all for awesome notes , i really appreciate it