[Animation - Deferred] Sports action game seeking animator for pre kickstarter work

Hello Everyone,

I’m part of a team working on the development of a sports action game for field hockey. An Olympic sport with a huge level of participation in Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand but to date no game has ever been made.

We’re working with some big names in the sport in terms of equipment manufacturers and aim to have finished all the equipment models by the 2nd week of January. What we are looking for is an animator to work with us in helping bring our models to life. We want to be able to launch on kickstarter on the 15th of March - the period we go for will be dependent on how far we have got by that point as we have certain milestones we want to reach before or during the kickstarter that we feel will tip the balance to encourage people to back us.

We will be looking to create a brief sequence to form part of the introductory video for the game and will require animation for the player/player in goalkeeping kit but specific details will be discussed with any individual interested in working with us. Payment is most likely deferred until we reach our funding goal although as we near the goal we maybe able to acquire a short term loan but we do not want to make promises we cannot keep.

We have a steadily growing fan base on Facebook now counting over 950. We have a YouTube channel with close to 1,800 views across our 15 model videos. We expect the growth rate to increase once we start releasing more interesting videos and assets.

We can acquire a player model to be used in the game, but we want to receive input from the animator before doing so. Anyone interested in the role can contact my on here.

Our website is here: http://www.fieldhockeygame.co.uk/
Our facebook page is here: http://www.facebook.com/thefieldhockeygame
Thanks for your time.
S Buckley

Have you heard of ouya? If I were developing an indie game, I would be planning to release it on that platform. The game and your presentation of it look great.