Animation Easing Bug

Okay, I’m pretty sure this is a problem with Blender’s graph editor and not with me, but any help is appreciated. Basically, I’m having trouble getting the correct interpolation between two key frames. Theoretically using the bezier handles I should be able to create any level of easing from linear (both handles extended no amount) to constant (both handles at infinity), but I can’t it to do the second one. The issue I’m face is that blenders auto- easing seems to be the maximum amount of easing achievable. Hopefully the attached pictures make it more clear.

Thanks in advance!

Handles cannot be scaled ?

Well, they can. In the second image I demonstrated that the issue is that moving the handle (scaling is sort of a misnomer, although you can use the S key) further away doesn’t have the correct effect. You can weight the easing all the way to one keyframe or the other, but if you do both they negate each other.

Oh, I had not seen that second image. They scale to an extent, and you would like them to scale more, if I understand correctly ? In the shape of node connections when they near one another ?

Bumping this because it’s still a significant problem in my workflow. Including screenshot from After Effects showing what I want to achieve. Basically, I can’t actually get extreme easing without adding extra key frames, which seems like a fundamental flaw in Blender’s vectors.

Hey; In the graph editors properties panel there is ‘Active Keyframe’ > ‘Interpolation’ and ‘Easing’ set both keyframes to ‘Exponential’ and ‘Ease in and Out’, or just play around with those till you get what you want - make sure at least one has the ‘Ease in and Out’ set.

Post a .blend file if this does not help

Hey ajcdfin, thanks for the reply! That’s totally the kind of easing I’m looking for, but switching the interpolation mode makes it so that I can’t actually change the handles to finesse the easing. This kind of all or none solution won’t work for what I’m doing. I’m attaching a .blend file that demonstrates what I’m struggling with.

The bottom cube is linear, the second is bezier, the third is bezier with the handles each scaled up to 250, and the fourth is Exponential. Scaling the bezier handles seems to make a tiny difference when you go super hard, but when you scale the second one it has an inverse effect on the previous key frame, balancing out the easing. Again, anyone who has experience in After Effects should understand what the level of control I’m trying to achieve.

Bug Example.blend (518 KB)

From my experience this is just how blender interpolates between two tangent handles. I haven’t found a solution beyond adding more keys.

If you do come across a script or addon that addresses this, please update us here!

Wasn’t real sure what your application is, but if you want to just put a vertical easing somewhere, I do it this way. Here I have the vertical easing between frame 1 and 11 centered on frame 5. Then the interpolation goes back to normal. This may work for you, but the steps are a real pain to figure out.effect.blend (450 KB)

JoshAnim, so glad to know I’m not the only one struggling with this. I don’t want workarounds, I want this fixed so that it acts like other animations programs (mostly After Effects, Maya can do this but is broken in other ways).

stilltrying, not sure what you were trying to show, the .blend you posted doesn’t really relate to this at all.

I thought you were trying to get your easing straight up and down somewhere between the keyframes. Sorry, I guess I misunderstood.

No, you’re sort of right, but my interest is much more in bringing attention (cough cough developers) to this issue, because I can make a work-around once or twice, but this is actually a significant impediment in my workflow.