Animation frames

Hi … I have a short animation of 200 frames but the preview will only show 100 before jumping back to the start again. I have every setting I can find set to 1-200. What am I overlooking?

Put in a blend to look at. I can’t see everything you have done.

Put it in here. Post back with the URL:

Hi … I’m a new to this although I have used video timelines before in other software. With Blender I am having an ongoing problem. I set my timeline frames 1-100 for example but cannot insert a key-frame beyond 50. As far as I can see the settings are correct (obviously not). If I set the animation start at 1 and finish at 200, I cannot insert a key-frame after 100. It is always half, which makes me think somewhere I have overlooked an obvious setting. I would be grateful for any advice on this annoying problem.

Have you changed the frame step or time remapping values ? Supply all relevant info for review (demo blend file as a minimum)

Still trying too! Here is a screen grab if that is any help.

Here is a screen shot … maybe the remapping … I shall have to take a closer look …

Actually I see now remapping is set to new 200 … is that the problem?

Look at the Time Remapping settings in the render settings you changed from the defaults

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Sorry about cross posting! … I only realised that I had posted the same problem last week after posting it on Basics/Interface today. The problem had bugged me for a week but is now solved … it was remapping … many thanks for your help. J.