Animation from x-ray to solid materials

I’d like to achieve an effect like the one in this Youtube video

The object initially appears as an x-ray (any tips for this material would be good too!) then the whole piece animates in as solid.

I can see that one way to do this would be duplicating each object and having one x-ray and one solid, then animating booleans to make them appear.

This seems like one of the best ways I’ve seen internals illustrated.


I think this is a good place to use the compositor or even the VSE
Generate the wire frame version and the solid version
The solid version should have elements that are invisible until the proper time
And then composite the two strips together so the solid version ‘draws over’ the wireframe

Best of luck


Thanks. I’ll give the compositor a whirl. Watching again, I think it’s definitely a case for animated booleans.