Animation: "Frontiers Await" - Kerbal Space Program

Hello! This is the new installment of my KSP fan art animation project.

The crew of Expedition 41, Kerman, Kerman and Kerman, just undocked from the JKEV interplanetary vessel on their way to the surface. It’s their 3rd trip to the Jool system, and Laythe is starting to feel like home for them. Being so close to the end of their journey, the whole trip gets challenged by a storm near the landing spot.
They need to assess the risk and make a decision.

EEVEE has been used for the cloud shots. Everything else was rendered with Cycles. A mix of different Blender versions was used in the span of 3 years to make this animation.

  • Animation
  • Screenshots:

  • Before and After
  1. This was supposed to be the 2nd shot for the film, and it was supposed to be a reveal of information about the mission and the story.
    Old is EEVEE, new is Cycles render engine.
    By far the shot with most iterations. This had to be nailed.

  2. Here I had to change the angle the pod goes through the clouds to increase the feeling of speed and violence of atmospheric reentry.
    This shot was completely done with EEVEE

  3. Most shots were rendered twice.
    Main reason was consistency with the final shots that were done with a technique more related with matte painting. These shots being photoreal forced me to re visit previous takes in order to add detail.

  4. I built the short film around this shot. The point of the film was to showcase Kerbal Space Program with clouds; a feature that the game lacks. Everything grew from this single .mp4 file and this was the first .blend file of the whole production

  5. The UI for the first shot was inspired by The Martian. It cointains some game easter eggs.

  • Breakdown:

As always, you can watch my previous animations on the AnimatedK YouTube channel

Thank you!


Wow! I love it! Well done!

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¡¿Por qué puedo solo dar este uno corazón?! ¡Es fantástico, y usted es mi héroe! :smiley:


Please, I want an Interstellar remake now.


Magnífica animación! :sparkles:
Graphics, sound design, everything is excellent!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


You’re on the featured row! :+1:


Lovely work. Very cute character. Love the sound design too…

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Is there a VR version of this video?

Dang bruv! This is so cool!

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Comment #2: I just watched it again - fantastic stuff!

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This is incredibly well done - the atmospheric effects are great - love the shot when the clouds condense on the lens for a moment during descent! Materials and lighting are fantastic. Great work!

Did you model everything from scratch or was there a way to re-use the actual models from KSP for some of the assets?