Animation Gig for a short film


I have a small paid gig that I am hoping to find the right person for. I am making a short fantasy film that takes place on another planet. It’s done in the style of 1980’s/1990’s fantasy films… think Dark Crystal and Labyrinth with a dash of The Lord of the Rings.

Essentially I have an alien flower that I already have modelled and textured. I am looking for someone to animate it unfurling as if it has just sprung to life. It is the final shot of the film where the flower comes to life in a wasteland and is a symbol of hope for the people/creatures of the planet.

I’m an individual and not a company. My budget is small but if you’re interested I am open to negotiating if we align on the project and see what we can come up with.



Do you have or could you find any reference on how you want it to look specifically?

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