Animation: having several consequential actions

Since 2.40 is the release of the animation rewrite I decided to have a start with this aspect of blender. I’ve succesfully completed the Gus tutorial and have read the online blender manual. So I decided to test if I really understood everything and started my own test-project.

Now my question:
I’ve set up an experimental armature and skinned it. In the action editor I’ve created an action (several bones are involved) to make the mesh curl up and everything works fine.
However I wish to be able to have it for example curl up, uncurl and curl up again.
So I created a new action (uncurl) and this also works fine. Summary: I have one action “curl up” and one action “uncurl”, but the problem is I can’t place them after each other. I can only have one of the actions.
So I thought the NLA-editor should solve this, but it also only shows the one action that is currently active in the action-editor. What am I missing?

Select Uncurl in the Action Editor then goto the NLA Editor and create a Strip for it.

FWIW, if you use AC:Curl in an Action Constraint then you can make the bones of that action curl and uncurl just by moving the constraint bone.


Thanks for the fast reply, I now got it to work. I also found another very informative thread which I’ll link here for other people who might have problems with this.