Animation Help

I have made my character in blender, fully rigged.
I am in need of some advice before i begin my animation.
1.) If i make an animation, Is it possible to change the hair colour of my character but still use the same animation with the new hair colour.
Also will i still be able to use the same animation after changing
Skin texture? or Clothes?

From what i can make out, i think it is still possible but can somebody please let me know if i can or cant just to make sure?

Much aprreciated if you can, thanks for reading.

Properties such as hair and skin color can be changed without affecting the armature-based animations at all – these are materials properties, which can be animated, but separately from the armature unless you decide to purposely link them together in some fashion, say with drivers.

Clothing is another matter, and depends on how you’ve implemented it. Garments that are armature-animated, or actually part of the character model mesh, will probably need to be handled as different animations for each change, but that depends on how they are designed. The figure animation can stay the same if the clothes are separate meshes, though. In that case it’s a matter of adapting the clothing animation to the existing character model animation

For cloth-sim clothing, each garment mesh will need its own bake for every animated sequence. These are almost always separate from the character figure mesh, so the animation for the full figure need not change with clothing change, just the cloth bake. The physics cache will contain baked frames for each cloth item done this way.

If a combination of methods is used for clothing, then all these comments will need to be adapted based in the specifics of your character and its clothing.