animation help

hello all i am new to blender:D and after playing around with it for a bit and making two or three small maze based games with it , i have begun using it for my school project.
my aim :- to make an medieval style shoot-'em-up fps.:evilgrin:(isn’t going to be very large)
so i have figured out how to use python scripts to control different game characters, the player camera, etc. i have also begun modeling a castle for my game. what i don’t get is, how do i animate the movement of the enemy characters?:confused:

Can anyone pls. help ?:rolleyes:

To animate the movement of the enemies I don’t know it with python but here is how with logic bricks what you could do is give it an armature, make a animation of it walking in a circle or where ever you want it to go and give it an always sensor with a action actuator then choose the animation. I am not that great at blender but that is what I would do.

hey thanks zbryanz. iwilll try that out …any more ideas anyone ?

There are 3 modalities you’ll need to see your game come to life: Modeling (includes textures), Animating and programming. It takes some skill to make a good animation, so I recommend you search for character animation tutorials. Characters need an armature to be animated, but to do anything with the animations (actions) it will need at least a simple programing, that controls, activates, deactivates them. In order for you to advance in your game, you’ll need to learn how to animate, or find someone who can. So if you want a small explanation on how to animate, here it goes: Make the char, add bones to it, go to action mode, use the timeline to select the starting frame, move/rotate the bones and press I to save rotation, scale or location. Don’t forget to name the action, and switch to animation mode before you start. To run the animation, do as zbryanz sais.

thanks for the ideas torakunsama but i know how to animate a character with fk. i guess i still need to learn how to do it with see , before coming here i spent a lot of time going through the blender wiki docs and the blender noob to pro wikibook. so i have the basic ideas. can you(or anyone) suggest someway to construct a navmesh for pathfinding in blender ? and a good algorithm for this (or someplace to get hold of one ?)
by the way i saw that poject u r working on . it looks pretty cool:cool:.
r u doing it all by urself ?

“r u doing it all by urself ?” No, I’m not. The graphical part yes, but the programming is being made by others, and I have a lot of help from the community, namely, Raiderium, Monster, SolarLune and Ecrivain. Oldjim is working on the networking part of the game! I think there is an add-on or patch to easily create a navmesh, since my conection is filtered, I wont be able to make a search. It was a video on Blendernation I think!

thanks torakunsama i’ll search for it.