Animation issues

Im trying to make an animated player. i have 2 booleans. one called Breathing to play a resting animation and one called walking to play a walking animation.

def loop(cont):
    own = cont.owner
    breathing = cont.owner["breathing"]
    walking = cont.owner["walking"]
    walk = cont.actuators["Walk"]
    breathe = cont.actuators["breathe"]

    if breathing == True:
        own.playAction("Breathe", 0, 60, layer=1, blendin=5, priority=1, play_mode=1)
    elif breathing == False:
        own.playAction("walk", 1, 48, layer=2, play_mode=1)

I have looked at the documentation and got the playaction function but even with actuators i cant seem to cancel the breathing ang go into the walking. the breathing works and the walking works on their own so im super confused.

Thanks for any help!