Animation modifiers ?

I just came up with this idea , animation modifiers , what ? well they would modifie the ipo’s , maybe if we got a normal linear ipo/animation we could make it a bouncy one, like jelly or rubber.

Another thing would be to have presets for the ipo’s , sweeps,noisys,steps, and so on.

What do you think ?


This was part of my plan for an improved IPO system, when other pre-requisites are done first.


So this means ,you will or want to implement this after other things are done ?
maybe after 2.5 ?

i think this is a hot idea , i think more people should be interested , as it would be very handy.

Rock on. Can’t wait for it to be implemented, although I thought it would fit in nicely
with the existing motion deformers in the NLA, like deform, and the other two that aren’t implemented.

I think that Blender devs that are coding could learn a lot from how the XSI curve editor works. And revamp the Action editor to more look like a dopesheet, or add a new editor that is a dopesheet. Especially that you have the object and it’s ‘channels’ to the left instead of the right. (make sense since the timeline goes from left to right).
Having tools so that you can add keyframes or changes their slopes accessible in the UI and not in a menu will speed up the workflow (and as XSI has, that you can type in the angle/lenght of a tangent).

Also… get rid of those F******g quat curves on bones. They should be euler, it’s almost impossible to edit the rotation values for bones now that they are Quat curves. So you end up keyframing your ease in and ease out’s. They could be quats in their math, but users need only 3 curves to edit, not 4.

Anyhow, I hope someone who is a developer will take this and try and implement it. I don’t know how to code myself, and I can only hope that someone would find this useful. This would take Blender to another step in character animation.

Next stop would be how to revamp how shape animation works :slight_smile:

XSI Animation editors, F-Curves and Dopesheet:


There’s still heaps of things to do, but that’s a start on the list of things that need fixing :slight_smile:

Niiice, still in code or are there any screenshots available?

stefan andersson

Keep it up Aligorith !!!