animation nodes and particles.

What i try to do is create instances of a sphere, they should get their locations from a particle system
Thus each particle x,y,z should be copied to an instance.

Next each particle should have a woble acting (so not a single whoble action over the whole group )
Maybe by particle-ID x 50 + frame time , as evolution input for whoble (guesing here).

My closest approach is this here, but what happens is that i get instances of all particle births.
And the speheres stay at that location (the dont take x,y,z position of individual particle as it moves over time.

any ideas on how to do it ?.

you should feed the wiggle node with a different seed for each instance of the sphere, use loop index for that…

but the problem is also, that my spheres dont take the xyz from each particle, as the particles moves the spheres stay at the birth location of each particle

just replicated your setup and it seems to work, there’s a particle iterator you should delete though
send me a blend if you want, it should be easy to fix

here is the file

hi, the problem is you have a keyed particle system, there’s no easy way to get the info from python/AN for those particles…
I guess you should interpolate from different particle systems yourself, maybe using a vector mix node -or try the new falloff nodes-

here’s a setup mixing 2 particle systems:
and I can confirm AN does not work with keyed particles