Animation Nodes - HELP

Let say i have a grid 3 x 3 of plane objects.

I want to let planes to come from out of screen to grid position (in ascendent order-see screen)

Let control color of plane by position of another object

I have text object next to planes that I want to let display a specific number from text editor list.
(or in specific range like 4-12). Controled by the same object that controls color of plane.
Ideally something like empty object howering over plane.

Like Empty object in center of first (upper-left) change color to pink and Text object on side change number to “4”.

Note: The numbers displayed on planes are not gone be displayed in animation. I put them only for ilustrative purpose to shows you order of planes / numbers.

Thank you for help.
I really try to get in, but it seems it takes ages to dive into this system.