Animation Nodes templates/examples library

This thread is a summary of this github repository

Its purpose is to put together a collection of clean and easy to use templates/examples to get the grip at Animation Nodes and have a few basic setup downloadable from everywhere !

You can also add your own by forking the repository and push a version with your template/example, this would be greatly appreciated ! :slight_smile:

Enjoy !


A Motion design effects based on a c4d tutorial :

the original tutorial

It basically takes any plane as input to fill it with sprite object according to some randomize repartition, then a controller empty can move them with randomize loc/rot/scale and change their vertex color.

It allows some cool motion design text effect while keeping the source text editable !

Find it here !

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Two simple utilities nodetrees to combine with other things

fill_plane : fill any plane/2d/one-sided object according to a user-defined grid. It outputs a locations array usable to fill some text…

Find it here !

set_vertex_color_for_objects : simply change vertex colors for an array of objects. This nodetree uses falloff (object controller falloff in this example), so you can use with any falloff type

Find it here !
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Motion design effect : fully procedural twisted torus

Find it here

It was made to replicate this cinema 4d tutorial

A procedural spring creation node :

This is a simple utility created as a subprogram group, so you can create several spring using one nodetree

find it here !

Motion design template/effect for Abstract wave

Find it here !

Made to replicate this c4d video :

Another simple utility : camera frustrum nodetree

Find it here !

A ready to use nodetree to get object size using bounding box :

Find it here

Ready to use fully procedural text animation using falloff :

Find it here
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Your example files lock up my Blender 2.83a when trying to open them!

Hi, that’s weird. What do you mean by lock up ? any error message ? freeze ? which version of AN ? and does it happen with every blend on this github ? i used some nodetrees from it recently on a 2.83a on windows without any trouble…

I am animation nodes 2.1.7 and Blender 2.83a
When I from within Blender use File Open the file never opens and I get the error message that Blender has shut down.
I hope you have a workaround because your files look exciting!

thanks for kind word ! maybe this comes from an incompatibility between AN version or blender version, i’ll take a look, but for now you can try to append the nodetrees from the files instead of opening it ! tell me if it works !

I cannot open the files.

sorry for late reply, yep you’re right, it seems to be some critical changes wich prevents file to open… i’ll recreate these from 2.81 in 2.82 last stable version as soon as i got some times (a lot on my plate these days sorry…) but meanwhile you should be able to get 2.81 and take a look at the nodetrees if you want !
cheers !

dear Mr. Tonton,
ty for the many awesome examples,
i am preparing to do some heavy exercise/ learning of AN,
but the tutorials seem old and versions unstable, (errors here and there with my current 2.82a)

for example the recent exercise i did, the “Objects from Group” node is gone,
and when i use “Collection” to include objects,
the “Object ID Key” doesnt take the input node…

if i use “Create Object List” instead, all the objects either:

  1. all snap to the same world origin and stack.
  2. all rotate/ transform by one world origin(act like a group that has same parent)
    (2 happens when i apply their transform before putting to list )
    they cannot have their own pivot… :tired_face:
    (the exercise uses “offset Matrix” -> “Object matrix output”)
    im only trying to recreate simple animation where house of different parts fall on ground with offset frames :joy: (door, walls, roof …etc.)

would you suggest a best combination of versions that supports NA the best?
(pref. 2.8x +)
(perhaps you use most often?)

thank you again for your kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @cowwarrior, sorry for all these disagreements !
i’ll try to update the examples this weekend, a lot on my plate for now !
if you find some specific issues (like the “object from groups” node which does not exist anymore, you can fill an issue in the github, it will be easier for me to track them and fix them !
thanks, cheer !

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Ready to use amazing new Knitting Motion design Animation, fully procedural ! created and contributed by @Harisreedhar (BLUE FOX Creation)
Thanks a lot for this !

Find it here !

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Hi, i just updated all examples for 2.83.3 version and AN version 2.1.7, except wave_sprite_on_plane example which i have to modify ! it still works with blender 2.80 and AN 2.1.4 if you want to use it, i tested it. I’ll do it when i have some spare time !

Sorry for the inconvenience, don’t hesitate to report any compatibility issues here or on the github !


Hi sorry for late answer,

all snap to the same world origin and stack.

you’ll have to use the initial transform id key in order to make the object stay in original location

This could also fix

all rotate/ transform by one world origin

but I didn’t really get what you said so not sure about that…

And for the best combination, i found 2.83.3 and AN 2.1.7 pretty stable for now, except when rendering animation, if they are not baked, some crashes could occur.

Cheers !